Engineering & Design

BOPOWER ’s highly qualified design & engineering team use professional design software, advanced technology tools, and proven practical field experience to design the best solution for our customer, to achieve the best performance ratio of solar power system.

Fully considering protection of customer investment, BOPOWER engineering team will systemically balance all factors of system such as land topography, sun radiation, climate situation, grid access condition, environment protection,  system security, engineering implementation, etc, to output the best cost effective solution with reliable operation throughout the life of project.

Engineering & DesignEngineering & DesignEngineering & Design

Nanjing South Railway Station – a great solar stroy!

Nanjing South Railway Station

In 2011, BOPOWER finished 10.6MW solar power plant project on the rooftop of Nanjing South Railway Station, which is the largest rooftop solar power system for single building in the world.

This is a significant roof design, blue solar panels cover the roof as the imperial armor scales, perfectly merge with the railway station roof architecture and local environment, maximally shows the beauty of the building.

The system is generating clean solar power of 9,230,000KWh/year into local power grid, which will save 2,636.2 tons fired coal annually, reduce 9,226 tons of carbon dioxide emission per year, fully shows the beauty of renewable solar energy.